Nuclear Mode πŸš€

This will make you hyper productive. 10x your daily productivity, end procrastination, finish your daily tasks, and achieve your goals before deadlines.

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Nuke Your Goal!

A productivity powerhouse system by which ALL of your daily tasks will be achieved. Following this template removes procrastination, increases goal fulfilment, brings structure, and makes you achieve your goals before the deadline. This is incredibly important for those who have high goals and require to be hyper systematic and productive.

Nuke System! 


Nuke System is designed to make you focus on the hardest challenges in your goal. Once you become used to finishing the hardest things, the goal becomes very achievable and feels easy. If you are preparing for competition, are self-employed, working on your business, creating your own work, this template will help you achieve your goals very much.

Nuke Today!

Nuke today is a system designed to bring all your daily tasks from all walks of life and make you finish them with the highest ease. From emailing, making payments, replying, working, meeting somebody, getting groceries to anything that you may forget, NUKE TODAY takes care of that and brings strong structure in your life. It makes you feel productive, disciplined, and highly capable. This is a system that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE. 

Here’s what students of the previous course have to say...

This course is phenomenal, has the potential of changing lives of anyone who watches and implements the nuclear mode. well planned and properly structured.

Vedant Shinde


Incredibly original and valuable course. Thanks for putting your time in it Shwetabh.
I'm glad my partner recommended me your channel.

Shreya Sukhla


I loved the nuclear mode it is very easy to understand what to do or not. Nobody till now have explain me and given me like this things. Thank you so much bhaiya.

Binita kumari yadav



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Is the course access for a life-time?

Yes, the course access will remain for life-time.

What is the language of the course?

The course is taught in Hindi.

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Please reach out to along with your name, email and phone number.

Nuclear Mode πŸš€  

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Become a Master of Productivity. Learn from me as I teach you how to plan your day, track your time, achieve your goals and live your dream life!

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